We specialise in the supply and installation of drinks boilers and water coolers for your establishment.

We can advise you on exactly what machine suits your needs.  A lot of people choose a bigger unit that what they really need, so discussing your requirements with us before you purchase can save you hundreds of pounds, not just on purchase costs, but running costs as well.

As a guide, these are the prices for various sized units (in litres).  The price also includes installation.  There may be some discount available on these prices, dependant on location, number of units required, etc.  Please contact us for details.

Wall Mounted 5 Litre Drinks Boiler - £545 

Wall Mounted 10 Litre Drinks Boiler - £695

Counter Top 15 Litre Drinks Boiler - £525

Counter Top 30 Litre Drinks Boiler - £595

Counter Top Mains Fed Water Cooler - £245

Floor Standing Mains Fed Water Cooler - £275